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A Guide



Welcome to First Baptist Child Care Center!  We know that a first day of school can be challenging and exciting.  Our goal is to make the transition of beginning a new school as worry free as possible. We want families to feel comfortable and welcome every day.


Signing in and out- Parents or the person designated to pick a child up must sign in and out every day.  The sign in/out sheets are to the left when you enter the building.  If this is your first day or someone else is picking up your child, please be ready with your identification (drivers license).  We want to ensure that your child is leaving with the correct person.  

You may park in the designated areas in front of our building.  

Please walk your child to his or her classroom when dropping off or picking up.  This will make the child comfortable and give you an opportunity to talk with the teacher about daily routines.  Each student has their own cubby to put personal belongings in and take home items.  We encourage each child to leave a change of clothes, tennis shoes and wipes in their cubby.  They may also be brought daily.


Each child is given their own cot.  We also provide a pillow and sheet for the cot.  They do not share cots.  Please bring a small blanket to keep for nap time.  On Friday you child's blanket will be sent home to be washed.


Our center has a cook who prepares our meals daily.  Children must be here by 8 am for breakfast.  We begin serving lunch at 11:05.  Snack is served after nap time.  Our menu is posted in the dining room.  If your  child has and allergy or special need please let the director know so we can make that accommodation.

We are so happy to have your family join us at First Baptist Child Care Center.  


                                                          CHILD DEVELOPMENT

Play is the highest form of research.” Albert Einstein


All children reach each stage of devlopment at different times.  It is normal for some children to reach certain milestones before others. Below is a list of milestones that typically occur at certain ages.  This is a general guideline of developmental progress for each age group.  If you have any concerns please discuss them with your doctor.



2-3 years                                 4-5 years


Whats in Your Backpack?

What’s in your backpack? It’s empty today.

Where’s your work? Did you just play?


 When I built with blocks I learned about shapes.

I balanced and shared – Our skyscraper was great.


I played in the windy house And talked with my friends.

I rocked a baby And played pretend


In science I observed, Guessed, and experimented, too.

The same things grown up Scientists do.


Art was messy. I created and explored.

I solved my own problem When I spilled glue on the floor.


My fingers got a work out With puzzles and clay.

Those same muscles Will help me write one day.


I counted and sorted and And measured, too.

I used my brain Like a math whiz would do!


Out on the playground I ran like the wind.

I learned to take turns And helped a hurt friend.


Story time is whatI always like best.

I can use my imagination And give my body a rest.


I sang and danced - Learned a finger play, too.

I answered questions and said, “Please” and “Thank you.”


There will be time for worksheets and tests,

But talking and playing Is how I learn best.


I love to go to school. I’m glad I’m me.

An empty backpack Means I’m learning, you see!